100 Word Challenge

…But it was far to hot…

It was the end of summer and we were at the beach on one of the hottest days. We were here for my friends birthday party because she was turning double digits. 10 years old and still as ugly as when she was born!! It is 35 degrees at the moment and is slowly dropping to 30 tonight. Tomorrow it is gong to be 45 degrees. My mum brought her a pink Cinderella dress and some packets of loom bands. We did heaps of different and fun activities. Then we had swimming contest. Finally we had cake and went home.

Nazis solider poem


Believer, Dirty, Grotty,Grubby                                                                                                  Son of a aghast parent                                                                                                           Lover of Bickering, Soldier mates and Rifles                                                                   Who feels Startled, Apprehensve, Anxious                                                                       Who gives Freedom, death, Wealth                                                                                        Who fears Getting blown up, Extinct, Guns                                                                     Who would like to see his Family, Friends and Home                                                   Who lived in Germany