Once- Chapter 1

I felt really sad that they had to share the one bath with the same water. It would be really gross and dirty. The water would be very very unhygienic towards all of the kids that have to have a bath.

I predict that the kids parents are dead and that they wont come back to get him he was just lucky to get a carrot in his soup.

W2- Student Blogging Challenge

The must see place in victoria would probably be any of the towns that went through Black saturday because thay would have touching stories and could show you progress and different marks it had left behind during that devastating time. Unfortanetly my town was on of the towns that black saturday tore through wildly wrecking many houses including some of my grandmas.

Thank-You for reading. MILLY❤️

Morris Gleitzman Biopoem

Sporty, funny, loves reading, energetic
Father of Sophie and James
Lover of books, corned beef and scoring goals
Who feels imaginative when reading, h appy when with family, excited when writing a new book
Who gives encouragement, inspiration, friendship
Who fears having no books, family getting hurt, having no new ideas
Who would like to see his books inspiring kids, no stiff hamsters, his kids scoring goals
Who lives in a suburb of Melbourne, called Carnegie

student blogging challenge- w3

Hi, Today i’m going to be telling you about the advantages and disadvantages of being able to  connect and communicate easily over the internet.


– You can do things much quicker like shopping instead of going to the shop or place.                                                                                                                                         – Also you can talk to friends or family overseas or close to you.                                 – You can catch up on anything happening with family or friends.


-People you don’t know can contact you.[ Which is a bit scary ]                                 -Strangers can hack into your account or profile or page.                                                     -Have to remeber many passwords to different sites.